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Usability for Voice Interfaces

Development and Evaluation of Usability Heuristics
for Voice User Interfaces


A set of 11 Usability Heuristics for Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are presented to assist VUI designers to conduct Usability Evaluation of VUIs effectively and identify actionable usability gaps. These heuristics were also evaluated through a between-subjects study to test their efficacy.

Initially, existing literature in the domain of VUI was analyzed to identify prevalent themes of usability issues using the standard method prescribed by Rusu. These themes were then categorized to define 11 usability heuristics. The set of heuristics will enable designers to rapidly evaluate and investigate areas of improvement in VUIs. A between-subjects study with 12 HCI professionals, involving usability evaluation of a VUI application, was conducted to test this hypothesis. The study reveals a statistically significant increase in the number and diversity of usability issues identified using the presented heuristics along with other secondary benefits.

The research contribution won the Distinguished Paper Award at the esteemed Design for Tomorrow, 8th International Conference on Research into Design, 7-10 January 2021. The publication is published & available to read on Springer. The presentation or the presentation video can also be referred to for quick insights.


16 Weeks

Apr 2020 - Aug 2020


Primary Author

Literature Research, Usability Evaluation, Affinity Mapping, Heuristic Articulation, Between-Subjects Testing


Lokesh Fulfagar, Anupriya Gupta, and Arpit Mathur under the guidance of Dr. Abhishek Shrivastava


Fulfagar L, Gupta A, Mathur A, Shrivastava A. Development and Evaluation of Usability Heuristics for Voice User Interfaces. In: Design for Tomorrow, Proceedings of 8th International Conference on Research into Design. 2020, In press.

The presentation that was showcased at

Design for Tomorrow ICoRD'21 conference.

Presentation Video walking through our entire process for development and evaluation of the heuristics followed by the outcomes and future scope.

Presentation Video
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