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Reimagining relationship
with Digital Assistants


During my third year of college, I spent my summer as a user experience design intern at the beautiful Microsoft R&D headquarters of India. During those 10 weeks, I worked at Microsoft Foundry on an interesting experiment project re-imagining the relationship between humans and digital assistants.

The project aimed to explore how combining augmented reality with voice assistants through an emotionally-smart character can expand the functionalities of the assistants and on the same hand transform the existing master-assistant relationship into a companion-based one. What happens if we give a visual & emotional character to now faceless voice assistants? How can emotional bonding affect the user relationship and the overall experience?


UX Design Intern

Research, conceptualization, conversational design, 3D modelling, UI design for AR, QA, small scale testing, project management


1 designer, 1 design mentor,
4 engineering interns,
3 engineering mentors,
1 project lead


10 weeks

May - Jul 2018


Adobe Illustrator, XD, After Effects, Blender, Unity


The project was successfully designed, developed, and tested as part of the Microsoft Foundry with an amazing team of four engineering interns and mentors. We presented the project to the Microsoft India Leadership where it was awarded as the ‘Best Foundry Project’ of that year.


​The project is protected under NDA and cannot be disclosed publicly. If you are curious to learn more and don't have the password, feel free to reach out for a quick chat or request one here.

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