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Product Design
Internship at Coinbase


I spent my Summer of 2022 growing and learning amongst the brilliant folks at Coinbase as a Product Design intern. During the 12 weeks, I took lead on 2 projects, developed my understanding of crypto and Web3, honed my communication skills, undertook initiatives, and developed some strong relationships.

As my main project, I crafted a learning-oriented personalized guided onboarding to help budding builders kickstart their first Web3 project with Coinbase Cloud. The project slotted to ship in Q4 was tested to drive adoption, reduce time to value, facilitate product discovery, and cross-sell.

I also picked up a side project to establish a self-sustaining Figma hygiene framework and design system that saw more than 70% adoption within 2 weeks and helped increase designers' productivity and enabled XFN partners to better navigate Figma files. I also took the self-initiative of creating and publishing POAP NFTs for the entire cohort of 147 interns to commemorate our internship experience at Coinbase.


Product Design Intern

Research, vision sprint, competitive benchmarking, conceptualization, UX and UI design, rapid prototyping, testing, presentation pitch


1 designer, 1 design manager,
1 user researcher, 1 content designer, visual design team,
1 product manager, 1 sales manager, 4 engineers


12 weeks

Jun - Aug 2022


Figma, FigJam, Jira, Coda

Some kind words of affirmation from the super talented peers I got to collaborate, grow, and learn with during the internship, and a sneak peek of my self-initiative of creating and minting Cryptern POAP NFTs for the entire cohort of 147 interns.


I cannot share more details publicly as the projects are protected under NDA. If you are curious to learn more, please feel free to reach out on LinkedIn ↗ or via email ↗.

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