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Design at Sprinklr

Designing for AI in a B2B space for world’s leading brands

helping them manage all their digital & social customer experiences


Sprinklr is a unified AI-powered CXM Platform used by brands across the world to manage their customer experiences over a range of social and digital interaction channels. Every day, thousands of these world's largest enterprises, including more than 75 of the world’s 100 most valuable brands, use Sprinklr to market, advertise, research, care, and engage consumers across 25+ social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp. Even Twitter user Sprinklr to publish their own tweets.

I started as a Product Designer at Sprinklr with Modern Advertisement vertical, and have transitioned over different products including Modern Care, Customer Success, Core Platform and now leading efforts as a Senior Product Designer for Social Listening. Throughout this journey, I have designed a range of products in multitudes of domains being considerate of standards and ethics while designing for AI and a diverse global audience.


16 Months*

Aug 2019 - Ongoing


Senior Product Designer

Designing for AI, B2B Design

Modern Advertisement, Care, Customer Success, Core Platform, Social Listening


Sprinklr R&D Headquarters

14 Designers at Gurugram, India
12 Designers at Portland, USA

Due to NDA, I cannot directly share my actual work. However, I created the following video that showcases some projects which our team did in 2019.
The video was also presented by our CTO at ASKO’20 global conference.

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