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Hello again, I am

Lokesh Fulfagar (he/him),

currently furthering my aptitude in designing for learning, persuasion, & ethics as part of my Master's in Interaction Design at CMU (2023). Previously, I majored in Design at IIT Guwahati, India (2019) and worked for 2+ years with amazing folks at Coinbase, Sprinklr, & Microsoft gaining professional expertise in shipping impactful products.

I put my heart & (a lot of) thoughts into what I create & deeply care about its direct & indirect implications on the audience & business. I love challenging problems & obsess over the tiniest of details. Over years, I have found myself thriving in diverse, energetic, & close-knit teams. I am an initiative-taker, neatnik, & offsite-planner 🎉

Outside design, I love 🔭, ❄️, 🧘, 📚, 🎲 , & 🐶.

🖖 Always happy to catch up ~

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👨‍🎓️ MDes in IxD, CMU (2023)
👾 Product Design Intern, Coinbase
🧑‍💻 Product Designer II, Sprinklr
💬 UX Design Intern, Microsoft

Some kind words from amazing folks I have worked with:

“..Lokesh's commitment to excellence, his infectious curiosity, and thoughtfully probing questions really stood out to me. He demonstrated a holistic approach to product design, collaborating with cross-functional teams with ease..”
Mark Forscher (head)
Cloud Design Team Lead at Coinbase
“...Lokesh executes project work with clear intent and takes ownership. He thinks logically about his approach to solving product design challenges and actively seeks feedback from design leadership, peers, and other cross-functional teams..”
Ian Hoene (manager)
Senior Product Designer at Coinbase
“..he combines his ability to quickly grasp complex fundamentals with his attention to perfection in the work, resulting in deeply thoughtful products. Lokesh has a warm personality to nurture his peers and direct subordinates..”
Yashvardhan Chauhan (mentor)
Lead Product Designer at Sprinklr
“..Lokesh has been instrumental in the execution of a lot of key initiatives at Sprinklr. He is one of those individuals whom you can give any task and be assured it will be done with perfection..”
Rohan Vijay (manager)
Senior Director, Product at Sprinklr
“..he has always shown a flare of leadership at the very early stage of his career. His ability to think in 1st principle and taking a systematic approach to problem-solving differentiates him from the crowd...”
Krishanpal Singh (mentor)
Lead Product Designer at Sprinklr
“He is a good listener, always motivated to help colleagues and promotes personal and professional improvements among them. He is a disciplined, hardworking individual with an infectious enthusiasm for any project..”
Shivam Sunderam (colleague)
Senior Product Designer at Sprinklr
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